Humorous Dispassionate

My friend Valeria suggest these courses for Women ;

Hi. I’m a woman but I know we need to be fair with men.
So, you will find below a matching list of courses women should take:

1. You can do car maintenance too;
2. Learning when to keep your mouth shut;
3. How to fill up the gas tank;
4. Understanding the male motive to coming in drunk at 4 AM;
5. Wonderful lawn mower techniques;
6. Parenting: No, your life should not end after conception;
7. Get a life: order take out food;
8. How not to act like a smart pants when you are obviously right;
9. Spelling: we know you can get it right;
10. Understanding you husband’s financial incompetence;
11. Reasons men give flowers;
12. How to go to sleep after;
13. Why it is acceptable your husband’s relieving himself;
14. Anywhere but…

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