Get a life – Music

I’m not a movie star, but my life has always had its own sound track. I have just a few memories from my childhood and all of them are music related. My mother was an English teacher and she was always listening to American and British music. She also liked to watch American Musical Films: anything from Disney’s cartoons to Gene Kelly’s movies. My father liked to listen to classical music and to watch opera and ballet. I remember he had a wooden box with thick pink and yellow Long Plays with the best of classical music that had a great visual impact on me. I also liked the covers of my mother’s favorites: The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Bill Haley, Pat Boone and the American Big Bands. Those albums and movies attracted me not only musically but also visually. Those singers were like fairy tales’ characters for me and their songs were my lullabies. They both liked Brazilian music as well: Brazilian Bossa Nova and Brazilian Pop Music (MPB) would have their fair share on our shelves. I was very lucky of being a teenager during the 80’s.

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