What is the meaning of the Holidays?

Holidays were not a happy time for me during most of my childhood and my teenager years. Children usually love this time of the year: Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Summer Vacation (in Brazil) with lots of parties and celebrations. For me, those celebrations meant arguments and fights between my parents caused by my father’s drinking problem. He wasn’t that kind of man who becomes violent when drunk. He used to become more communicative and less shy. My mother loathed that. She was the one who usually started the fights. She knew that although alcohol would make my father more relaxed, it wasn’t the answer for their issues. It was one more problem to be solved: the worst one. Everybody would tell her to relax and enjoy the Holidays. They thought my father should be allowed to drink. They didn’t see anything wrong with that. Alcohol is a socially accepted drug and people don’t see how harmful it can be, especially when the person has an addiction tendency. Unfortunately, when my father stopped drinking, it was too late: the damage caused by the alcohol was irreversible. He was 48 years old when he died. I wrote the following stories for my parents. Hope they make you think about the real meaning of the Holidays and bring families together to face and solve problems; to establish goals; to show love and forgiveness. This is something worth celebrating. Happy Holidays!




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