Reason # 11

Trying to ignore what bothers you about your partner and vice-versa is one of the biggest mistakes couples make. At the beginning of a relationship, people try their best “to not see” things or behaviors that are really annoying for them. Nevertheless, if they were able to control themselves enough to keep seeing each other, they won’t ignore “the imperfections” for much longer and they will try to change their partners. The all of a sudden defective ones will be puzzled by that attitude. “I’ve always done that. Why does this bother you so much now?” Women usually have this kind of behavior. They can even find some habits “cute” at the beginning and “horrible” afterwards. That charming 5 o’clock shadow becomes a wired prison wall between them. Men also like the challenge of changing their partners. The same sexy clothes that attracted them become “too sexy even for a whore”. The biggest challenge (mistake!) is when those changes are not targeting only the appearance but the personality. Shaving more often or wearing longer skirts are small changes that can be made. That is compromising. Changing your personality is a totally different issue. Trying to change your personality or your partners’ is a big mistake and it won’t end up well. Nobody is perfect. But when we choose a partner we have to consider which “imperfections” we can live with and which ones are going to make our lives miserable.

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