Reason # 12

Worse than trying to change someone is pretending being someone you are not, just to make the other person to fall in love with you (better yet: to fall in love with the person you are pretending to be). A lot of man and women pretend to like things they are not interested in (at all!) because they find out the other person likes that stuff. The biggest issue is that you start building a relationship on a bad foundation and the “house” will crush. Why do we do that? I’d say because we are too lazy to discuss about our likes and dislikes. Sometimes it is easier to pretend we like something than to explain why we don’t. Sometimes we’d rather watch something stupid on TV than discuss our personal taste. Twenty soap opera’s chapters or twenty sports matches after neither the hot protagonist nor the hot player will make it worth. Pretending liking TV programs or having the same interests is not the best move in a relationship, but it is something that might be overlooked. On the other hand, there are lots of men and women that lie on purpose just to make someone to fall for them. These ones usually dump their “victims” as soon as they think they had enough. Once in a while, they are the ones who fall in love. If this happens, they will get caught in their own lies. Their own attitude becomes a barrier; a door closed in their faces.

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