Reason # 13

Sacrifices made “in the name of love” are more than over-rated. Some people measure love depending on how much they are sacrificing for the other. For some, it means to stay awake the whole night, because your beloved one doesn’t let you sleep. One snores (usually the man, but sometimes the woman) and the other one stays awake. Trying to sleep in separate rooms? Not romantic! After all, it is so romantic to spend the night being awakened by each other: “Darling, you are snoring!” “Sorry, baby!” “Darling, you are snoring again!” “Sorry!” “Hey, you are snoring!” “OK!” “Still snoring!” “F****”. Treatment? Surgery? Are you out of your mind? Why is it so difficult to solve prosaic problems with prosaic solutions? Many men and women turn their lives into hell just because they are afraid to hurt each other’s feelings. Being so tired and sleepy, some end up sleeping while driving. Who said that dying for love is out of date? Some die a little every day. There are couples that spend their lives torturing themselves. That small problem turns into a nightmare: it drains their love a little bit today, a little bit tomorrow, and a little bit more the day after tomorrow… until the day they look at each other and they can’t remember why they are together.

Don’t add bitter flavors to your relationship!

Fotógrafo/Photographer: Stefano Paterna (direitos reservados/copyrighted)

viaReason # 13.


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