Get a life – Enjoy beautiful places

I’ve been living in the Northeast of Brazil for about 12 years. I’d lived in Natal for 11 years when I moved to Pipa 7 months ago. I’m moving back to São Paulo in a few days. When I left São Paulo, I was sure I would miss it a lot. Although I didn’t want to live there anymore, there were lots of places and things I liked very much. I really missed my friends and family, but I didn’t miss living there. Actually, I’d never understood homesickness until now. I never felt nostalgic about a place before, but I’m sure I’ll. Maybe the reason is that I never felt so connected to a place before living here. Maybe it is because no one can leave a place this beautiful without regretting it. The only thing I know is that every time I took a walk on these beaches I felt blessed and privileged. Every time I arrived at Praia do Amor (photo above) and looked down, the view took my breath away. The view from Chapadão (photo bellow) made me feel the same way.

viaGet a life – Enjoy beautiful places.


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