Reason # 16

Bars and night clubs are still men’s and women’s favorite places “to go hunting”. The lamest pickup lines can be heard echoing in throughout the night. Few men know what to say when they try to start a conversation and – to be fair with them – fewer women know how to recognize intelligent life. Besides, many of them are not interested in getting much more than they are used to. They sit in groups and drink. Many men wait until they are drunk enough to not care if they get dumped. They get lucky because most women are as much wasted as them. You can hear some of them giving those little burps between the pickup lines. Do the women they are talking to care? No, they don’t. Actually, what a perfect match: that guy that was barely able to get on his feet, burping and spitting while trying to talk is kissing that chick that has just vomited in the bathroom. Love is perfect, isn’t it?

viaReason # 16.


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