Reason # 18

Male and female stereotypes are the best comedy material nowadays. Unfortunately, we may have learned how to laugh at them, but we sure have not learned how to act in a different way. We know that we are doing something ridiculous and we do it anyway: it takes us an hour to go to a place we could get to in 30 minutes, just because our alpha males don’t like to be told the way. Of course that, before going out, they had to wait a long time for their wives or girlfriends because a typical woman is always late. An alpha male sleeps with any woman who shows any kind of sexual arousal (you can throw up afterwards). A woman can’t sleep with a man on their first date (you can —– afterwards). Many women complain about men’s lack of sensitivity, but whenever they meet a man who likes art or shows his feelings, they think he is weak and doubt his manhood. Many dream about a polite guy who could help them with the house and the cooking. When they find one, they say the guy is trying too much and that he should take care of his own business. Everybody thinks that typical picture of a couch potato man ridiculous. However, there is something so familiar about a man lying on a sofa; watching football; drinking beer; burping and scratching himself that brings comfort to many women, even when they would never ever admit it!

Would you like some?


Fotógrafo/Photographer: Stefano Paterna (direitos reservados/copyrighted)

viaReason # 18.


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