Bedtime story # 6

Last week’s headlines were about domestic violence against women in Brazil. 15 women are killed a day by an intimate partner or ex-partner.

The following story is about how unprepared we are to face it.

The first time we saw her, we thought about not hiring her: she looked like a little bird fallen from the nest in a storm day. She was tiny with a lost and scared look and thin goose-pimply hair. Her voice was weak and a little hoarse. Her eyes were very small a kind of crossed. She was shaking and we didn’t know if she was cold or afraid. We knew she would not be able to do all chores, but we were desperate and she was well recommended.She used to arrive very early, when we got up the house was clean and organized. All the mess we had left the night before was miraculously gone; breakfast ready and served. While we had breakfast, she would clean the bedrooms, prepare our baths and leave clean and ironed clothes on our beds. We would look at each other in doubt; wandering if we finally got luck after so many trials and errors. It was too good to be true. She used to surprise us each day with new flavors and delicious food. Where had she learned how to cook that well? The children loved her. They were always around her and they were enchanted by her almost inaudible singing. Whenever she realized we were listening to her, she would shut up ashamed.


Fotógrafo/Photographer: Stefano Paterna (direitos reservados/copyrighted)

viaBedtime story # 6.


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