Bedtime story #10

Once upon a time there was a little boy who had an unusual heart: it was twice as big as it should have been.When his mother found out about her little boy’s unusual heart, she got very sad and worried. The doctors had told her that he couldn’t run and play around anymore. They also had to be very careful with him.But the doctors could only tell the truth about what they knew. Everything they knew was based on appearance and function. They didn’t know anything about the unusual. They couldn’t think outside the box.So they didn’t know that a heart that is twice as big as it should have been is a heart that can carry twice as much love as a usual one; and if you can love twice as much as a regular person, chances are you are going to be loved twice as much too.Therefore, the little boy became a business man and a teacher. He loved working and he worked long hours, gaining his workfellows’ respect, because everybody could see that whatever he did, he did it with passion. His mother was astonished with his teaching skills. He had been prepared to be a business person and, in the end, he could also teach really well. What was his secret? It wasn’t a secret! He used to tell everyone that to be a good teacher you need to do things with love. If you love your students, they will love you back.Loving twice as much as a regular person, can you imagine how much love was he receiving back?When his mother realized that her son’s unusual heart could bring him so much love and joy, she was relieved.Of course, being a passionate mother, she would keep worrying about him, but his loving her twice as much would make it up for any worries.


Fotógrafo/Photographer: Stefano Paterna (direitos reservados/copyrighted)


viaBedtime story #10.


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