Reason # 1

Reverse Electra complex (female version of Oedipus complex), everything that could remind me of my father must be avoided. Any man with alcohol smell in his breath and unable to express his feelings is out.  He was not a bad person. He was not violent. He was a frustrated person and an unsuccessful artist. He tried to use the alcohol to communicate with us. He only would show us some love if he was drunk. Raised to be strong and not talk about feelings, he used to drown his sorrows in booze. Just one shot to relax! He drank himself to death. How many men do the same? No relationship in the world should do that.  Socially accepted, alcohol is a marriage wrecker. Ironically, it is also responsible for keeping many relationships. How can one stand the boredom sober?

Mia Michaels’ choreography “Addiction” shows us what any addiction does with our lives.


2 pensamentos sobre “Reason # 1

  1. First it not an excuse but some times we reach to the point that you don’t feel you are alive,
    I mean you can’t feel any good thing life can offer, love, beauty, joy and all kind of relationship,
    above all ” Peace of Mind ” . Regardless of success or failure, and if you are unlucky you find
    some of what you looking for in ( Alcohol and Drugs ) the first step to addiction then suicide
    or stop living ” Stand Still ” Not alive not dead. what I call is ( Point of no return.)
    I’m sure you ask yourself like most of us why rich and famous people have this problem.

    • That’s true. Unfortunately, I’ve seen how alcohol can take over someone’s life. It’s so sad to see someone being destroyed by an addiction. One thing I’ve learned is that we can’t take anything for granted and most of all have no prejudice. Thank you very much for your comment.

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