Reason # 20

“I lay down and started hearing a soft but annoying sound “tum-tum-tum-tum”, as if there was a little man playing the drums inside my head announcing the beginning of a persistent headache. Some days of bad sleeping later, the volume raised “TUM_TUM_TUM_TUM” and the headache turned into a migraine accompanied with nauseas, dizziness, blurred vision, constipation and a stomachache. Could it be worse? Yes, it could! I started felling bloated, my legs swollen, I had a hard time peeing, and – needless to say – an awful humor. The sound in my head was so loud that the little man had turned into a whole samba group. My vision was so blurred that I was afraid of crossing the street and I couldn’t read. I couldn’t eat anymore due to the nauseas and the stomachache. When that unbearable back pain started I knew that the end was close and I finally got……. my period! That was a relief! I knew that I would only feel that again 15 days later in a smaller proportion in my pre ovulation tension and some 10 days after that all those symptoms would come back, again, again and again! (PMT – Premenstrual Tension)

There are many studies that try to improve the relationship between men and women. Here is a suggestion: there should be a pill that would make a man feel like having a PMT.  Maybe after that they might understand why their girlfriends and wives became so unreasonable during those periods. To be fair with men, there also should be a pill that made women feel the same way men feel when they can’t have an erection. Maybe then, we could start understanding each other better!


Fotógrafo/Photographer: Stefano Paterna (direitos reservados/copyrighted)


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