Reason # 23 – In-laws

Parents-in-law are called “sogros” in Portuguese. Whenever I teach this topic to my students, they think it is very funny to refer to your spouse’s family as your in-laws. I tell them that this happens because English is a very objective language and it puts everything – better yet: everyone – in the right place: your spouse’s family has become your family “by the force of law” – the same law that made him/her your faithful life partner. But, no matter what – even in those more “objective” cultures – someday, somewhere, sooner or later, your in-laws will cause you some kind of trouble or embarrassment. Your mother-in-law is usually contestant # 1. Mothers-in-law are often the main characters in most suburban tragicomedies. If they are Latinas or Jews, they will never ever let anything go: poor wives! They will have to wait till their own children grow up and get married, to make their own daughters-in-law go through what they have been as hell… – sorry! – as well.

The best mother-in-law ever:


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