Reason # 24 – Pets

Every family has their own Marley or Garfield. The children’s mess is not enough. The food they throw on the floor must be eaten and regurgitated by a naughty dog or a lazy cat. Let’s add some barking or meowing to the baby’s crying! People get a pet the same way they buy something to put on their shelves. They don’t consider all the implications of having an animal around and they end up raising the pets the same way they do with their kids: clueless and without any planning. Parents have decided to replace the education they had – many for believing it was too severe and some just because – for no education at all. Pet’s owners have done the same.  Try to remember the pets you had when you were a child. They were brought up in the backyard and they used to behave well, otherwise… I don’t think we should bring them up (children or pets) with severe punishments, but to let them free to do whatever they feel like doing is not the best solution. Childless people usually make more mistakes upbringing pets. They treat their pets like they were children. They become spoiled, possessive, territorial, violent and intolerable. The owners or the pets? Both of them!


Fotógrafo/Photographer: Stefano Paterna (direitos reservados/copyrighted)


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