Reason # 3

It would be so easy to put all the blame in our parents. Freud can explain it! But when we think about all the couples we know, I mean all of them. Which ones do we really look up to? If you answered a lot of them, look closer. Of course, there isn’t such a thing as a really-all-perfect-relationship. Every relationship demands sacrifices from both parts. There is always something right and something wrong. But when we look closer to the ones around us, what can we see? Usually, people giving up things that are essential to them, making sacrifices in the name of love or worse yet in the name of a utopia. Frustrated men and women giving their best to a bad relationship. Arguments, fights, or even worse: apathy, indifference. People have lost the boundaries. They don’t know their limits anymore. It’s natural to want to have someone to share a life, but people are so desperate that they want anyone. They don’t even try to look at the person they think they are in love with. They burden their partners with their own ideals and when they see that they are not getting what they want they get frustrated.

Bedtime stories # 3 and # 4 are not about couples who have lost their boundaries but about two couples I’ve always looked up to. The main characters have been, in my opinion, as strong as Ade in this beautiful Tyce Diorio choreography.


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