Reason # 5

The number of physically and psychologically abused women is outrageous. There is violence from the female side as well (we know that!), but when we talk about physical strength, men are still stronger than most women and they use this strength to abuse and beat them. What is shocking is that this kind of aggression keeps happening nowadays. It happens everywhere and it doesn’t respect social levels. It happens to the rich and to the poor; to the educated and to the illiterate. What makes a woman to submit herself to violence? The answer is beyond any logic thought. We usually see – or better saying hear – women being abused by their partners and we feel outraged, but we do nothing. We do nothing because we don’t understand. How to sympathize with someone we are not able to understand? In the olden days many women were socially and financially dependent of their husbands. Therefore, we could not agree with this behavior, but we could understand the reasons they accepted the violence. Nowadays most women are financially independent. Sometimes men are the ones who are dependent of their wives. Why do they accept the violence then? Some abused women think that the aggression comes from “love”; if we accept that jealousy is a sign of love, could beating a woman because of jealousy be acceptable? Many men are so insecure of their roles nowadays that they beat women to show their “Alfa-macho-alter-ego”. Many women accept the abuse because, although being independent, they are afraid of being alone; because they think it is better to have bad company rather than having no company at all? Is it? Really?

I’d rather walk on fire barefoot!

Fotógrafo/Photographer: Stefano Paterna (direitos reservados/copyrighted)


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