Reason # 6

Metrosexual? Übersexual? Clean!

The neologism “Metrosexual” (metropolitan + heterosexual) was coined at the 90s to describe men worried about their appearance, spending money and time on personal care products and clothes in order to look better. Many books, magazines came along to teach them how to fit into this definition to please women. They ended up stuck with very perplexed men who could not believe there are so many kinds of shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, etc. Hence the success of the TV show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”, whose stars would have been the ideal men prototype: good looking, well dressed, kind, polite… If they had actually liked women they would have been perfect! Afterwards another neologism was coined by the Media “Übersexual” (“Über” from the German “being a superlative example of its kind or class”1). These, besides the physical appearance, are also worried about their ideals and ideas. “Übersexuals” are the most attractive (not just physically), most dynamic, and most compelling men of their generations. They are confident, masculine, stylish, and committed to uncompromising quality in all areas of life. Übersexuals also have depth, subtlety and individuality. The übersexuals knows the difference between right and wrong and will make the right decision regardless of what others around him may think;2 or better saying: too good to be true! We know finding one of these in real life is as hard as winning the lottery. Does anyone know the opposite of “über”? Getting real: what many women want is a man who got over the “Ed’s”3  (from Ed, Edd and Eddy) phase. (He does not like any personal care; he eats like a pig; he likes horror movies, etc) It may seem absurd, but there are still men who think they don’t need to wear deodorant; to brush their teeth more than once a day or to shave on weekends. A basic personal care routine is not as usual as it should be. There is something that seems to attach manhood to filthiness. Some men feel threatened by flossing or moisturizing. They feel like losing their virility, their identity, which is so messed up that they need to get attached to cavemen era when body fluids were essential to attract females. A piece of advice for the ones lost in human evolution: nowadays those body fluids are going to drive them away!


    Fotógrafo/Photographer: Stefano Paterna (direitos reservados/copyrighted)


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