Reason # 7

STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) are still an issue to be solved between couples. This discussion is not a moral one. It is a life or death one. Do you think I’m being too dramatic? I don’t think so! Despite all the treatments available nowadays, AIDS is still killing people around the world. ( ) The antiviral therapy has improved and changed the lives of the ones with HVI, but the treatment has side effects; it is not available to everyone and it is definitely not the cure. Hepatitis C is another disease that is being spread. Due to the fact that most people infected with this virus don’t experience the symptoms in the early stages of the disease, the number of deaths caused by it is larger than the ones caused by the HIV virus. ( ) There are also the HPV infections that can cause cervical cancer and other less common but serious cancers. ( ). To get it shorter: a not planned pregnancy is like winning the lottery! The number of new HIV infected women has grown more and more each year since the beginning of the epidemic. Women are most likely to be infected through heterosexual sex. Most people have access to information about STDs at schools, on TV and from the media in general nowadays. Paradoxically there are men that insist on not using condoms and women accepting this behavior. Here is a breakthrough: “If a man or a woman agrees to make unprotected sex with you, it is not because you are special. It is because he/she does it with anyone. You are not special, you are very very very dumb!”


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