About me

I’m not, as many may think, spiteful and I’ve always been properly loved. I’ve had few relationships: all of them long term. They ended because I was not brave enough or didn’t have enough reasons to take the next step. One of them reached the moving-in-together-sharing-expenses-opening-a-business-and-(gasp!)–buying-a-dog level (the only reason for pain during the break-up: she was a gift. So, she stayed.). Yes, I’ve been in a relationship with a crazy jealous person. I sent him to a psychologist. No, I’ve never hit or have been hit. But, I’ve never expected to see so many violent and dysfunctional relationships. Of course I’ve had – and have – seen successful marriages. These couples have set the bar so high, that I can’t accept anything below that level. I refuse to be a hunter or the victim. I don’t play silly little games neither follow stupid relationship rules. I don’t go to bed with men I don’t know well and never, ever make unsafe sex (even in long term relationships). I don’t get drunk, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs, I don’t get into a car with a drunk person driving. Actually, I don’t have any relation with drunk people. I’ve chosen to walk instead of having a car, and I will only buy one if I have to. I recycle. I save water and electrical energy. I turn off the water to brush my teeth, to shave and to do the dishes, but I always flush: for number 1 and 2!  I avoid pouring chemicals down the drain, but bleach is still my best friend. If someone with bigger eco awareness is willing to pay me a cleaner, I promise I will use vinegar. I think we should respect all beings, but disgusting insects. Bottom line: I’m a pain the ass, but not a very hard one. I’m not against marriage. I’m not against maternity. As long as they are conscious decisions, and not attempts to feel better about oneself. I’m full aware that where I can only see chaos, many people see happiness. They say I’ll regret the day I’ve chosen not to have children. I haven’t. I might? If that happens, I can still adopt: a hard and long way – I know! I happily sleep the whole night in my king size bed. If someone wants a place in it, this person has to prove he deserves it. (and even if he deserves but snores, he will end up sleeping in another place). I’m alone, but not lonely. I’m not waiting for my Knight to show up and rescue me from the dragon. I’ve killed it myself. Some people want me to subscribe to a relationship website. Do you think that with this profile I’ll get any mail???

Fotógrafo/Photographer: Stefano Paterna (direitos reservados/copyrighted)



4 pensamentos sobre “About me

  1. You sound very sensible, and I agree with most everything you said. As for the snoring, wearing ear plugs is not so bad and muffles the sound. I pretend it’s a lion purring. I enjoyed your travel article in BucketList Publications.

      • I forgot to mention earlier and I wanted to tell you, I, too, decided not to have children, even though my ex-husband wanted them. Even all these many years later I have never regretted the decision as I prefer to be free. We must each find our own way and our own happiness.

      • I agree with you 100%. The decision of having children or not can’t be made under other people’s pressure. Thank you very much for liking my posts. : )

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