Bedtime story # 4

They met each other when they were kids and they became inseparable. When they weren’t playing together, they would sit on the steps of the house opposite to the little girl’s talking and talking. The adults used to find it very funny whenever they told them – with a very serious look on their faces: “We are going to get married when we grow up.” Their feelings just got stronger by the children’s games. When they played tag they would never chase each other (there is not point chasing what’s meant to be). They would hide together when playing hide-and-seek holding their breath – and laugh – to not be discovered; or he would hide so well that she could not find him and would be looking for him for hours. On these occasions she used to get sad and feel like crying, but used to play it cool when he surprised her coming from the most unexpected place. “I knew you were there all time!” Everyone thought that they would grow apart eventually. Her father started to pay more attention when they became teenagers, coughing to let them know he was around. They got married early because they always felt they were meant to be and no one was able to convince them otherwise. They traveled, had kids, had arguments, made up and built a beautiful family. Once she was asked if she wasn’t curious about how it would be to kiss another man. She answered without even a blink: “Have you ever felt that something is so unbelievably great that it mustn’t have anything in the world better than that?” The end of this story should have been: “And they lived happily ever after”. But, unfortunately, he got ill and died leaving her with that same abandonment feeling she had when he used to hide himself for hours during their childhood. Nevertheless, she goes on. Her pain being held by the strong bonds she has with her children and grandchildren.

Fotógrafo/Photographer: Stefano Paterna (direitos reservados/copyrighted)


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