Bedtime story # 8

The love chain

John loved Maria

Maria loved José

José loved Rita

Rita loved Jonas

Jonas loved Rebecca

Rebecca loved Leonardo

Leonardo loved Gabriela

Gabriela loved Fabio

Fabio wasn’t sure if he loved Marina or Lucas

Lucas loved Fabio

Marina loved nobody

Everybody loved Marina

Somebody infected Marina with the HIV virus

Marina transmitted it to Fabio

Lucas didn’t get it because

Although he loved Fabio

He loved himself much more

And had always had safe sex

Gabriela knew that she should use condoms

But Fabio didn’t like them, and used to get turned off when he had to

She agreed having unprotected sex with him

(What she didn’t know was that Fabio used to get turned off because he was in love with Lucas)

Now she has to live with the adverse symptoms of the anti-HIV drugs

And the guilty felling she has after finding out she had infected Leonardo too

Leonardo and Rebecca decided to take the HIV test together and they are both under treatment

Rebecca thinks about Jonas all the time

But she doesn’t know how to get in touch with him

Jonas and José only took the test after learning that Rita was contaminated

When it was Maria’s turn,

She got into the examination room sure of the fatal diagnosis,

But she was lucky!

She called John to make up with him

John, of course, didn’t want it

After all, he thought, my life is too sacred

To be shared with someone who doesn’t care about anyone!

This is a slippery road. If you take it carelessly, you will fall!

Fotógrafo/Photographer: Stefano Paterna (direitos reservados/copyrighted)

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