Once upon a time,

there was a young lady

who wanted to learn how to crochet.

One beautiful day, she found

a very special and fine crochet hook

and the beginning of a yarn

that was coming down the heavens;

Then she started untangling

the life thread that

was coming directly from God’s hands.

Her first work was simple –

made with basic stitches, mostly chains:

It has always been the starting point for what came next,

(but has never overcome the inferiority complex);

The second one was bolder:

more elaborated and fun stitches

(it ended up with much more character

and has given a lot of work for the hook,

who wanted to tame it);

On the third one, the experienced young lady

decided to make a blanket,

with lots of intricate stitches.

She made a very cozy blanket,

just the way every blanket should be.

(and it has given comfort to everyone since then);

On the fourth, the young lady decided she would make a masterpiece,

in order to do that she used all her skills

and learned how to make the most difficult stitches.

A masterpiece she got –

but she didn’t know that masterpieces

are not supposed to remain amongst us;

On the fifth, the lady decided she would have fun

and made a very funny piece: the funniest of them all;

On the sixth, the lady (who was not that young anymore)

finally found the balance she had been looking for

and though she could rest;

What a surprise: after nine years

she saw that the hook could still make stitches!

She tried to copy the last one –

but after so many years,

she couldn’t remember how.

It came out stronger – too strong some might even say –

but it has soften up by the years;

Considering her job done,

one day, an eighth piece of work

jumped from the skies:

it was just like the first one,

simple; a closure of a life time work.

This last one has been helping

all the other pieces of work

that, inevitably, came after that (from other young ladies – of course)

Nowadays, a whole universe of art work

gets inspiration from these,

using different tools to untangle

the same yarn which is still coming down;

There are some weaving minds with words

(in newspapers and schools);

Some actually sewing people –

physically and psychologically;

connecting chemicals and pharmaceutical formulas

adding up numbers, computer programs, laws

pieces of cloth, continents;

There is even one that follows the lead of the hook,

(with a much slower production);

In the end all these pieces of art work

are gathered with pieces made by knitters, weavers, seamstresses, crafters, etc

and a whole universe has been born

crocheting, crocheting

the life thread!


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