Helena (English)

Horoscope and crime stories on the radio

delicious smell of coffee percolating

fresh taste of home-made bread and butter

sound of laundry done by hand

clothes brighten under the sun

wind passing by white clothes on the perch

two small plates on the floor

filled with milk and water

for the cats hiding on the roof

or balancing themselves on the high walls

sewing machine noise

sewing multicolored pieces of cloth

to cover the big beds

in the bedrooms where the big wooden wardrobes

hid (besides the obvious) little treasures

or little kittens

(sometimes sentenced to death on the same day they were born)

cracking from the gate

steps on the wooden floor

white shirt, knee skirt, black high heel shoes


salt, garlic and pepper

well seasoned rice and beans

steak and fried onion smell

water boiling in the kettle

newspaper on the floor

dishes being washed with boiling water

and kept in the white iron cabinets

bolero coming from the stereo sound

coffee and corn flour

the best cake ever made

National News and soap opera

“Francis” or “Phebe” soap smell coming from the bathroom

later replaced by “Dove”

men toiletry

uncles coming and going away

mozzarella pizza Fridays

cheese and guava jam for dessert

Farmer’s market Saturdays

bananas, oranges, fresh sardine for the cats

Lasagna and pudding Sundays

very early car trips

bread and cheese in the Dinner

train trips carrying a checked suitcase

visits to extended family

(How many?!)

gifts. clothes, polo shirts

folded money being passed in a hand shake

but over and most important of all

it was the solid, safe and considerate

love given quietly to me

by my grandmother!


4 pensamentos sobre “Helena (English)

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